Our maintenance tips

A good maintenance is essential to keep its leather articles in time.

Many materials exist for the manufacture of bags, wallets, etc. The fabric, the imitation leather and other synthetic textiles, for example.

But the leather articles remain the most robust. Not to mention that a leather item is a real asset for a stylish and personality revealing look.

All of these qualities make leather accessories a must-have for everyone's wardrobe.

Leather has unique characteristics. Its appearance evolves over time. It develops a patina while retaining its strength and unique look.

At BALSA, we strive to create quality and functional leather goods to fit your life, your everyday life. And we know how important it is to maintain your leather goods.

That's why we'd like to share with you some tips on how to best care for your BALSA items, so that you can keep them looking their best over time.

Our maintenance tips


The first thing to do before going out in the rain with your BALSA product is to waterproof it. Indeed, water is not leather's best friend. To take care of its appearance but also to preserve it, waterproofing is an important step to renew approximately every year.

Do not clean a stain with water

The first mistake to avoid is to rub the stain on your leather item with water. This can make matters worse, since you are broadcasting more of it. What you need to do is place a dry paper towel on it and wait for it to absorb the dirt.

Never use cleaning products

Cleaning products, such as detergents and others could irreparably damage the leather.

Wet wipes

Baby wipes are good for caring for your BALSA leather goods. They clean the surface quickly and their softness does not damage the material.

Hand cream

Yes! Put a dab of hand cream on a clean cloth, rub the surface to maintain your leather goods, always following the grain of the leather. And finish off with a soft cloth to remove excess and polish.

In all cases...

Do not hesitate to contact a leather professional who will know which maintenance will be the most suitable for your leather articles.