Elías, the briefcase and the little boy

BALSA is a young brand, but for our first collection, we wanted to offer a wide range: travel bags, toiletry bags, backpacks, briefcases...

A few months after our launch, you let us know that you were looking for a thin, light and still functional briefcase, as we know how to do.

That's why we worked on the Elías briefcase.

Its design

Like all BALSA items, the Elías briefcase is handcrafted in our family workshop in Bogota. The leather used is soft and resistant.

Designed as thin as possible, the assembly of the two sides forms a "v" neck in which the zipper is hidden.

The two handles are sewn to support and distribute the weight of your belongings.

A line of orange or yellow, depending on the model, matches the color detail of the closure, for a dynamic, discreet and original look.

These color details are a true signature of BALSA products.

A detail so discreet on the Elías briefcase that the model is not available without this color detail.

porte documents en cuir souple

Its practicality

On the outside, the strip on one side allows the Elías briefcase to be carried by sliding it over the forearm, or to pass it over the metal handle of the suitcase when travelling.

porte-documents cuir cognac fonctionnel

Inside, a separation allows you to store your computer and your papers in two distinct spaces.

A piece of reworked leather offers a zippered pocket, a storage space for your cell phone but also spaces for your pens. And yes, you won't waste time looking for them everywhere.

The Elías briefcase remains slim with enough storage space so that paper clips, small coins and other small items that are always lying around in the bottom of our bags don't ruin your laptop.

porte-documents en cuir fonctionnel

His name

BALSA is a brand that was born naturally in our family workshop. And when the family grows, so does the workshop.

Elías is the name of the first grandson of Edwin, the founder of the workshop.
Proud of this little boy at the head of the third generation of the BALSA workshop, we decided to name our new briefcase after him.

In 2018, Elías became a big brother, stay informed to know the rest of the family...

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